LCPCM Member Clinical Professional Counselors by City

First Name Last Name City State Telephone Specialty Specialty Specialty
Kathleen F.   Wiersema   Adelphi   MD   301-704-8120   Depression   Elder Care Issues   Anxiety  
Sally   Sheridan   Alexandria   VA   None Provided   Grief   Drug and Alcohol Addictions   Couples  
Michael   Cardaci   Annapolis   MD   410-714-1720   PTSD   trauma related issues    
Marcia   Harrison   Annapolis   MD   410-266-6884   ADHD   Life Transistions    
Virginia B.   Ricketts   Annapolis   MD   410-507-7435   Life style   career   testing/assessment  
Leslie   Stanbury, LCPC   Annapolis   Ma   410-279-7888   Substance Abuse   Depression   Anxiety  
Amalia   Salazar   Annapolis/Wheaton   MD   301-806-1026   Individual   Family and Marriage   English/Spanish  
Lisa   Jackson-Cherry, Ph.D.   Arlington   VA   703-284-1633   Children & adolescents   couples   crisis counseling  
Nicole   Barber   Baltimore   MD   410-747-3360   Child Development   Trauma   Pastroral Counseling  
Val   Barksdale-Oliver   Baltimore   MD   None Provided   Family-Couples   Depression/Anxiety   Women's Issues  
Victoria   Basso   Baltimore   MD   443-263-8182   ADHD   Juvenile Treatment Specialist   Clinically Certif. Juvenile  
Dr. Thomas W.   Bauer   Baltimore   MD   410-396-3426   Adolescent Counseling   Moral/Ethical Development   Faith & Spiritual Mentoring  
Christopher L.   Bazemore   Baltimore   MD   None Provided   Family system   Adult   Children  
Denise Vare   Becker   Baltimore   MD   410-464-0095   anxiety/depression   couples   psycodynamic  
Christy   Bergland   Baltimore   MD   410-467-4922   PTSD   Personality issues   Aging  
Stacey   Brown   Baltimore   MD   410-889-2300   Co-occurring disorders   Substance Abuse   Trauma  
Reginald D.   Burgess   Baltimore   MD   443-632-3606   Adolescents with ADHD   Substance Abuse Issues   Oppositional Defiant Disorder  
Donna E.   Burns   Baltimore   MD   410-938-8464   OCD   Cognitive/Behavioral therapy   trichotillomania  
Marilyn F.   Clark   Baltimore   MD   443-928-9552   Adults   Guided Imagery & Hypnosis   Anxiety & Transpersonal Goals  
William   Cullison   Baltimore   MD   410-933-9000   Anxiety Disorders   Depressive Disorders   Couples Therapy  
Paco   Cummings   Baltimore   MD   443-864-2517   addictions   adolescents   EMDR  
Catherine M.   Dix   Baltimore   MD   410-646-4629   depression/anxiety   PTSD   Chronic mental illness  
Dr. Cheryl   Dunston   Baltimore   MD   410-537-0698   Substance Abuse   Mental Health Treatment   Family and Children Counseling  
Claire   Dwyer   Baltimore   MD   410-396-9247        
Loretta   Elizalde   Baltimore   MD   410-241-6006   Addiction   Mental Health Treatment   Mental Health Education Svcs  
Gig   Farley   Baltimore   MD   410-235-2400   Addictions   Couples counseling   Separation/Divorce  
Pamela   Fitzgibbon   Baltimore   MD   410-467-2070   Individuals   Couples   Military Families  
Andrea   Foxworth   Baltimore   MD   877-698-8595   Depression/Pipolar/PTSD   EAP-Related Counseling   Veteran Issues  
Joseph   Fuhrmaneck   Baltimore   MD   410-539-1661   mood/anxiety disorders   adjustment disorders   sexual disorders  
Christine   Galumbeck   Baltimore   MD   410-238-7729   grief/loss   depression/anxiety   crisis intervention  
Lorraine   Garcia   Baltimore   MD   443-676-0895   Energy Therapy & Hypnosis   Trauma & Posttraumatic Stress,   depression, anxiety and phobia  
Thomas   Godwin   Baltimore   MD   410-646-0033   Trauma   Couples   CO-OCC Disorders  
Linda M.   Grande   Baltimore   MD   410-367-2950   eating disorders   marital   addictions  
Alex   Green   Baltimore   MD   410-837-5533        
Margaret   Hardin   Baltimore   MD   410-433-8861   women's issues   gay/lesbian   grief/loss  
Vanessa   Hawkes   Baltimore   MD   410-298-8046   substance abuse   anger management   mental health services  
Loretta P.   Hill   Baltimore   MD   410-265-7291   Adolescent Counseling   Adjustment Reactions   Premarital/Marriage Counseling  
Gerard E.   Huesman   Baltimore   MD   410-662-7342        
Dr. Linda   Hyle   Baltimore   MD   410-444-7525   PTSD   Postpartum/Pregnancy Issues   Sexual Abuse & Assault  
Joana   Joasil   Baltimore   MD   410-262-0307   crisis intervention   indiv&group   Cognitive Behav Therapy  
Dr. Elaine   Johnson   Baltimore   MD   410-837-6683   Adult      
Bashiru V.   Kamara, Ed.D.   Baltimore   MD   410-444-2777   Depression/Anxiety   Self-Esteem   Anger Management  
Nancy   Kowalczyk   Baltimore   MD   410-402-7164   Mindfulnes-based Psychotherapy   Addictions&Trauma   Adults  
Fredrica   Kuppers   Baltimore   MD     Supervision/Consultation      
Patricia   Laidlaw   Baltimore   MD   None Provided   Supervision LCPC      
Kathleen K.   Lavina   Baltimore   MD   410-467-4121   Mood disorders   trauma   addictions  
Lindsey   Licari   Baltimore   MD   410-367-7821   Mood Disorders-anxiety/depress   Depression & Anxiety    
Valerie C.   Lorenz, Ph.D.   Baltimore   MD   401-576-0312   Compulsive gambilng   military    
Mary E.   Maener   Baltimore   MD   None Provided   Depression & Anxiety   Children & Adults    
Cynthia   Mason   Baltimore   MD   410-768-6088   Adjustment Reactions   Relationship Issues    
Diane Mckenzie   McCann   Baltimore   MD   410-532-5393        
Wylie   McNeil   Baltimore   MD   410-218-0187   Grief   Trauma   Substance Abuse  
Valdeeras Barksdale   Oliver   Baltimore   MD   None Provided   Family/couples   Depression/anxiety   women's issues  
Lorraine   Owens   Baltimore   MD   410-484-1740        
Dr. Pam   Rice   Baltimore   MD   301-344-3711   Wesley Memorial UMC   Rice Counseling Service   Children/Adolescents/Families  
Muriel   Richardson   Baltimore   MD   410-945-5100   Individual Counceling   Pastoral Counceling   Family Counceling  
Lin   Romano   Baltimore   MD   410-443-2442        
Steven   Shapiro   Baltimore   MD   410-550-0067   Child & Adolescent   Family/Community Mental Health    
Helen   Shreiner   Baltimore   MD   21227   Depression   Women's Issues   Relationship  
Kelvin   Silver   Baltimore   MD   410-244-6243   Co-occurring Disorders   Depression   Adjustment Disorders  
Tom   Sloane   Baltimore   MD   410-706-6895   school mental health   adolescents   anger mgmt.  
Theresa   Smith   Baltimore   MD   410-992-9149   Children/Adult   Adult Couples/Family    
Mary   Stapleton   Baltimore   MD   410-555-9318   Acquired Brain Injuries   Cognitive Retraining   Learning Disabilities  
Sabino   Strippoli   Baltimore   MD   410-962-1008   children/adolescents   diagnostic assessment   behaviioral disorders  
Emily   Tarsell   Baltimore   MD   410-472-2041   General practice   children/adolescents   families  
Peter   Valerio   Baltimore   MD     PTSD   death   family/veterans  
Malka   Weintraub   Baltimore   MD   410-358-0777   Adults in transition   Goal oriented counseling    
Mariangela   Weiskopf   Baltimore   MD   410-433-8861   Adolescentts   adoption issues   bereavement  
Dr. Dorothy   Whitehead   Baltimore   MD   410-947-0433   Anxiety&Depression   Marriage   Family Therapy  
Dorothy C.   Whitehead   Baltimore   MD   410-947-0433   Individual, Marriage & Family   Anxiety/Depression    
Jan Edwards   Williams   Baltimore   MD   410-617-2928   Alcohol/drug addiction   significant others of addicts    
Joyce B.   Wolpert   Baltimore   MD   410-358-0977   Movement Therapy   Child/Adolescent Therapy   Psycho-Somatice/Auto Immune  
Marc   Getz   Bel Air   MD   410-838-4647   cognitive-behavioral therapy   depression/anxiety    
Terry L.   Knight   Bel Air   MD   410-638-7088   Child   Adolescents   Families  
Myra   MacCuaig   Bel Air   MD   410-420-7292   Adolescent   family/marriage   substance abuse  
Adeline   McTavous, Ph.D.   Bel Air   MD   215-908-2262   Behavior Modification   Trauma   Loss and Grief  
James   Murtha, Ph.D.   Bel Air   MD   410-937-7657   career transitions   sudden loss    
Eugene   Popiolek   Bel Air   MD   410-838-6880   Career   depression/anxiety   relationship/marriage  
Gregory E.   Smith   Bel Air   MD   410-638-7088   Child/adolescent   anxiety/depression   families  
Mara   Swan   Bel Air   MD   443-326-5041   General practice   art psychotherapy    
John E.   Welsh   Bel Air   MD   410-420-3226   Addictions   Family & Wellness   Weight Loss  
Jane   Bandler   Bethesda   MD     Parenting   early childhood   adolescent girls  
Jane   Bandler   Bethesda   MD   240-481-0263   Early Childhood   Adolescents   Parenting  
Dr. Larry   Epp   Bethesda   MD   240-683-6580   School mental health services      
Shannon   Flynn   Bethesda   MD   301-594-5921   Art Therapy   Mood Disorders   Schizophrenia  
Janice   Herold   Bethesda   MD   301-654-1583   Psychotherapy   Career Counseling   Coaching  
Deborah   Hinton   Bethesda   MD   301-896-4255   Attachment   Trauma    
Dr. Leslie A.   Westbrook   Bethesda   MD   301-946-7576   Individual Psychotherapy   Adolescents and Adults   Couples Therapy  
Dr. Walter E.   Hewick   Bowie   MD   301-805-4580   depression   conduct disorder   marital issues  
Dr. Pearl   Pfuhl   Bowie   MD   301-938-4232   Individual/Family   Couples   Adult/Child ADHD ADD  
Carole   Barksdale   Calverton   MD   20705   Individual Therapy-adult&child   Women's Issues    
Candice   Dickens   Catonsville   MD   410-744-4204   Marital Counseling   Trauma   Cognitive Behavior Therapy  
Anna J.   Dotson   Catonsville   MD   410-455-0225   Family Counseling   Individual/Group Counseling   Anger Management  
Nancy   Kowalczyk   Catonsville   MD   410-402-7164   Trauma   Addictions   Adult  
Loretta   Poole Hill   Catonsville   MD   410-747-3360   Pre-marital/marriage   depression   adjustment disorder  
Candice   Richardson Dickens   Catonsville   MD   410-744-4204   Marital Counseling   Trauma   Cognitive Behavior Therapy  
Patricia   Simpson   Chesapeake Beach   MD   410-535-4868   Child Custody Disputes   Parenting Coordinator    
Patricia   Simpson   Chesapeake Beach   MD   240-731-1519   Cognitive Therapy   Yoga Therapy    
Rachel   Lane-Behroozfard   Cheverly   MD   571-227-6518   Sexual assault/abuse   PTSD   trauma  
Trish   Cleary   Chevy Chase   MD   301-654-4936   Marriage/family   individual   group  
Clare   Herington   Chevy Chase   MD   301-461-5197        
Laurie   Maynard   Chevy Chase   MD   301-646-3852   Trauma   Addiction    
Kim W.   Piasecki   Clarksburg   MD   301-760-6733   Family Therapy   Child/Adolescent Issues/Adoption   ADHD/Behavior Problems  
Christine   Buckingham   Clinton   MD   301-292-2778   Adults w/sex abuse history   Prof. Christian Counselor    
Dr. Rita   Robinson   Clinton   MD     Marriage/families   children   career  
Jennifer   Sober   Cockeysville   MD   410-804-9404   Relationship issue   family   parenting  
Paula   Anderson   College Park   MD   301-335-6495   Anxiety&Depression   Relationship Issues   ADHD & Anger Management  
Barbara J.   Goldberg   College Park   MD   301-314-7695   career counseling   mid-life changes    
Carl S.   Barham   Columbia   MD   301-520-7111   Pre-Marital   Marital Counseling   Stress Management  
Dr. Jane   Connall, Psy.D.   Columbia   MD   410-997-4227   Trauma   Couples   Child/Adolescents  
Mark   Donovan   Columbia   MD   410-740-8066   adolescents   addictions   cognitive behavioral  
Melody G.   Green   Columbia   MD   410-209-4061        
Patricia   Hawkins Vines   Columbia   MD   410-730-9064   Biblical based Christian      
Krista B.   Hoffman   Columbia   MD   410-370-1119   Howard Co. Parent Coord   divorce coach   CBT  
Penelope R.   Purcell   Columbia   MD   410-730-0115   Women   Couples    
Brenda   Skintges-Rodes   Columbia   MD   410-992-9716   Women's issues   grief/loss   relationship issues  
Joseph J.   Staugaitis   Columbia   MD   410-746-7037   Anxiety/depression   stress mgmt.   neuropsychology/adhd  
Daniel   Stinchcomb   Columbia   MD   410-668-9156   Couples   Codependence Disorders   Family  
Patricia Hawkins   Vines   Columbia   MD   410-730-9064   Bible based counseling   individual/couples   family  
Jeanne   Young   Columbia   MD   410-740-0388   Older Adults      
Cynthia Ann   Bartolomeo   Crownsville   MD   410-729-1513   Individual Counselling   Family/Couples    
Cynthia   Bartolomeo   Crownsville   MD   410-729-1513   Individuals   Couples   Families  
Grant   James   Crownsville   MD   410-940-2100   Military   Adult/cildren/teens   Couples  
Gerald   Chambers   Cumberland   MD   301-777-5356   Anxiety Disorders   Adjustment Disorders   Mood Disorders  
Jeffrey   O'Neal   Cumberland   MD   301-723-5275   Crisis Assessment   Addictions    
Dr. Beatrice   Hamilton   Delmar   MD   410-896-3995   marriage/family   mental health   alcohol/drug therapy  
Stephanie   Kay   Delray Beach   FL     Transitions   elder care   work-life transitions  
Prescilla   Souto   District Heights   MD   301-336-7600   Certified Family Therapist   Cognitive Behavior Therapist   Family Therapy  
Patricia   Simpson   Dunkirk   MD   240-731-1519   Cognitive Therapy   Yoga Therapy    
Sally A.   Sellman   Edgewater   MD   410-956-5300   Anxiety   Children/Adolescents   ADHD  
Jacquelyn   Hyder   Eldersburg   MD   410-635-8400   Mental health   substance abuse   depression  
Sara   Langley   Elkton   MD   443-822-2446   African American Concerns   Mood Disorders   Trauma/Resilience  
Peggy   Bagwell   Ellicott City   MD     Play therapy w/ children under 10   parental consultation    
Julie   Nottingham   Ellicott City   MD   None Provided   Adjustment Reactions   Children & Adults    
Kathryn   Reynolds   Ellicott City   MD   410-900-0919   Trauma recovery   grief   families  
Reem   Koinis   Falls Church   VA   571-274-9198   Multicultural therapist      
Gwen   Pierce   Falls Church   VA   703-929-3656   Multiple Personality Disorders   Depression   Trauma  
Carole   Ranta   Fort Washington   MD   301-848-8213   Children/adolescents   school problems   family  
Jill   Cody   Frederick   MD   301-622-2266   Clinical Hypnosis   Goal Oriented Counseling    
Suzanne   McKann, Ph.D   Frederick   MD   301-473-4502        
James   O'Neill   Frederick   MD   301-356-8286   Child and Adolescent   Individual and Family   Anger Management  
Nicole E.   Farris   Gaithersburg   MD   301-219-8559   Bilingual Eng/Spanish   Anxiety disorders   Domestic Violence  
Joann   Minor   Gaithersburg   MD   301-827-4452   cancer surv & family   couples   PTSD  
Robert   Norton   Gaithersburg   MD   301-975-5189   EAP   loss/transition   change mgmt  
Ed   Schultze   Gaithersburg   MD   703-283-1466   Adolescents   Special Education   Crisis  
Johanna   Smoot, LCPC   Gaithersburg   MD   301-221-0483   Individual Therapy-adult&child   Depression/Anxiety/ADHD/Autism   LifeChanges/Attachment/Trauma  
Carl   Stephens   Gaithersburg   MD   301-293-2233        
Angela   Williams   Gaithersburg   MD   301-655-6896   Depression/Anxiety   Anger Management   Trauma/PTSD  
Courtenay J.   Culp   Garrett Park   MD   301-933-3617   anxiety/depression   ACOA   Career/pre-retirement  
Sara   Rose   Germantown   MD   240-686-0707   Substance Abuse   Group Therapy   Adolescents  
Jean   Snow   Germantown   MD   202-280-0797   Families   Couples   Individual  
Beverly   Gaither   Glen Burnie   MD     PTSD   couples/family   CBT/pastoral counseling  
Grant "Steve"   James   Glen Burnie   MD   443-306-3554   Military/Vets   Young Children   Juvenile Sex Offenders  
Kathleen   Warner-Brown   Glen Burnie   MD   410-766-1030   EMDR-PTSD   abandonment issues   relationships/couples  
Dr. Martha   Horn   Glen Dale   MD   262-5931   Depression & Anxiety   Couples   Spirituality  
Pamela   Rice, Ph.D.   Greenbelt   MD   301-344-3711   Women's issues   depression   stress mgmt.  
Allen L.   Twigg   Hagerstown   MD   301-790-8250   Cognitive-behavioral   addictions    
Dr. Jacqueline   Cyrus   Hyattsville   MD   301-270-3200   childhood/adolescence   family   depression  
Loretta   Elizalde   Jessup   MD   410-241-6006   Addiction   Mental Health Treatment   Mental Health Education Svcs  
Stephen   Iden   Jessup   MD   410-799-1363   Stress Management   Anger Management   Depression  
Isaac   Yohanas LCPC LCADC   Jessup   MD   410-799-3400   Substance abuse   anxiety disorders   personality disorders  
James   Gorman   Kensington   MD   301-946-3274   Pastoral   Spiritual   Personal Counseling  
Deborah   Hinton   Kensington   MD   240-426-3217   attachment   trauma   hypnotherapy  
Marilyn R.   McClure   La Plata   MD   301-934-1290   Child/adol./families/couples   anxiety/depression   PTSD  
Sheryl A.   Stoops   La Plata   MD   301-934-3103   Adults and Couples   Depression and Grief   Anxiety  
Bruce   McClure   Landover   MD   301-333-5150   Marital   individual   parenting  
Margaret   O'Brien   Lanham   MD   410-867-3725   Major mental illness   SPMI   Assessment Specialist  
Dalphine   Cager, Ph.D.   Laurel   MD   410-919-3264   Depress/anxiety   assessment & treatment of disabilities    
Mary   Carroll   Laurel   MD   301-356-4914   Child/Adolescent Disorders   Grief/Trauma & Mood Disorders   Anger Management  
Kia   James   Laurel   MD   301-704-6199        
Stanley Michael   Jones   Laurel   MD   301-549-3602        
Catherine   Nugent   Laurel   MD   410-746-7251   Trauma   psychodrama   group  
Caterine   Nugent   Laurel   MD   410-746-7251   Psychodrama   Trauma Recovery   Self-care/Wellness Coaching  
Dr. Pearl   Pfuhl   Laurel   MD   301-938-4237   Individuals   Couples   Adolescents  
Billye   McGaham   Leonardtown   MD   301-475-2020   PTSD,   hypnosis/NLP   intervention  
Bill   Arick   Lexington Park   MD   301-862-4961   children/adolescents   Couples/Family    
Thomas   Bruggman, Ph.D.   Lutherville   MD   410-296-1144   Children/families   cognitive therapy   PTSD  
Marilyn F.   Clark   Lutherville   MD   410-828-3585   Adults   Guided Imagery & Hypnosis   Anxiety & Transpersonal Goals  
Janet   Drue-Manson   Lutherville   MD   410-321-6755   Couples (Imago)   EMDR   Ericksonian hypnosis  
Janet   Drue-Manson   Lutherville   MD   410-321-6755   Couples Counseling-Imago Ther.   Sele Healing Energy Therapy    
Richard   Hann   Lutherville   MD   410-828-6062   Public Safey Personnel   Police Officers & Families   Depression & Anxiety  
James N.   Tanner   Lutherville   MD   410-668-9156   Child/adolescents   adult relationships    
Lisa   Thommen   Lutherville   Ma   410-294-0764        
Laura   Lillicotch   Manchester   MD   443-570-8511   Depression   anxiety   bipolar disorder  
Eva   Lucht   Middleton   MD   301-371-3707   EMDR   PTSD   Couples  
Kenneth   Burlingame   Millersville   MD   410-991-5374   Neuropsychology   school psychology   clinical psychology  
Kathleen   Warner-Brown   Millersville   MD   410-766-1030   EMDR for PTSD   Attachment & Abandonment   Childhood Trauma  
Alyce S.   Ross   Montgomery Village   MD   249-632-0762   Trauma   depression   anxiety  
James   Ryan LCPC LCADC   Montgomery Village   MD   None Provided   Forensic rehabilitation   addiction   vocational  
Susan   Schwerd   Montgomery Village   MD   202-352-0264   Anxiety/depression   hypnosis   anger mgmt.  
Laura   Rhodes   Mt. Airy   MD   410-596-9302        
Olufunmilayo   Adewuyi   New Carrolton   MD   301-474-0272   Individual   Family   Group  
Alison   Humphreys   Nottingham   MD   410-302-2311   Relationship   Stress Management   Depression  
Rev. Manning   Smith   Oakland   MD   301-334-7680   Adult/Teen   Marriage   Career  
Angela   Brainard Burke   Ocean City   MD   21842   Attention Deficient Disorder   Autism Spectrum Disorder   Grief Recovery  
Nancy L.   Gilmer   Odenton   MD     chemical dependency   depression/anxiety   adolescents  
Dr. Jacqueline   Cyrus   Olney   MD   301-924-0781   Special Education   Early Childhood/Adolescents   Depression  
Jon   Winter, LCMFT, LCPC   Olney   MD   301-774-3305   Couples   Families   Individual  
Marjorie   Wright   Olney   MD   301-512-6214   Addictions   couples   families  
Valderas   Oliver   Owings Mill   MD   410-262-0707   Family   Couples   Depression/Anxiety  
Husher   Harris   Owings Mills   MD   443-474-2885   PTSD   Substance Abuse   Career Counseling  
Mona   Rubenfeld   Owings Mills   MD   410-960-3954   Depression   Anxiety   Adjustment Disorders  
Anne E.   Scholl-Fiedler   Owings Mills   MD   21117   Career Counseling   Depend Strength Articulation    
Harlan K.   Zinn   Owings Mills   MD   410-580-2980   adults   elderly   memory enhancement  
Susan   Glore   Owings Mills/Westminster   MD   410-363-7134   Eating Disorders   Mood Disorders   Women's Issues  
Alison   Humphreys   Parkville   MD   410-302-2311   Eating disorders   relationship issues   depression/anxiety  
Nancy   Moonstarr   Pasadena   MD   410-431-8870   Child/Families   Emotionally focussed families   Self awareness  
Dr. Edward G.   Lambro   Paterson   NJ   973-345-8410   Depression   OCD   anxiety  
Stacey   Brumage   Perrysville   MD   443-553-9267   Addiction   Adolescence   Depression  
Joan   Jurkowski   Phoenix   MD   410-790-9604   Couple, Family and Individual   Relationship Issues, Anxiety   Depression, Substance Abuse  
Stacy   Hewan   Pikesville   MD   301-357-0507   African American   Grief   Substance Abuse  
Marlene   Backert   Port Deposit   MD   800-491-5369   Christian Counseling   Couples   Women  
Patricia   Crew   Potomac   MD   301-838-9674   Career transitions   Worksite problems   Career counseling  
Amy   McLaughlin   Potomac   MD   301-365-4477   Child/Adolescent development   behavior modification    
Loriann   Oberlin   Potomac   MD   301-461-8528   Family/Couples   Group Therapy   Family Mediation/Parent Coord.  
Gale   Saler   Potomac   MD   443-423-1500   Interventions   recovery   recovery care coaching  
Kristy   Charnock   Prince Frederick   MD   410-535-3047        
Patricia   Kelly   Prince Frederick   MD   410-535-8688   Complicated grief   depression   PTSD  
Pamela   LaVeist-Bell   Reisterstown   MD   410-977-2571   Couples and Family   Trauma Care   Spiritual Guidance  
Leslie   Stanbury   Riva   MD   410-279-7888   Substance Abuse   Depression   Anxiety  
Spyros P.   Damascos   Rockville   MD   240-453-0555   Depression/Affective Disorders   Anxiety/Phobias    
Patricia G.   Doane   Rockville   MD   240-464-8294   marriage   depression/anxiety   addictions  
Kathleen   Flynn   Rockville   MD   240-676-1311   Addictions   Group & Individual Therapy    
Cathy   Friedman   Rockville   MD   301-208-2626   Stress Management   Depression   Anxiety  
Lois   Hartman   Rockville   MD   240-750-5631   Depression   Anxiety   ADHD  
Dr. Sharon   Hellman, Psy.D.   Rockville   MD   301-299-3380   ADD   comorbid w/ ADD/LD   parents with LD children  
Golda   Jacobs   Rockville   MD   301-674-5401   Career Counselor   Medical Social Worker    
Mary Lou   Lyon   Rockville   MD   301-762-4100   loss/grief   relationship issues   depression  
Alexandra   Moses   Rockville   MD   240-370-4515   EFT w Couples/Families   Anxiety/Depression   PTSD  
Perry   Nerantzis   Rockville   MD   240-777-3335   Alcohol and Drug Addictions      
Elizabeth   Nyang   Rockville   MD   240-403-4036   Adolescents   Women's Issues   Substance Abuse Groups  
Margaret   Parsons   Rockville   MD   301-593-3143   Adoles/adults   mood/anxiety disorder   trauma  
Susan   Roistacher   Rockville   MD   301-424-0920   mood/anxiety disorders   domestic violence   marital  
Ondrej   Sroba   Rockville   MD   301-217-5402        
Lauren   Wuethrich   Rockville   MD   609-744-4718   Depression   career development   life transitions  
Elaine   Masso   Royal Oak   MD   410-745-2103   ADHD/School Counseling/Children/Women's Groups   Addiction & Codependency   Grief & Loss  
Leonora   Bernheisel   Sabillasville   MD   301-241-4424   Pastoral   Women's Issues   Art Therapy as adjunct modality  
Kathryn   Adkins   Salisbury   MD   410-341-6181   depression/anxiety   women's issues   parenting  
Benjamin   Bogia   Salisbury   MD   443-736-3793   Clinical hypnosis   smoking cessation   phobias/PTSD  
Kay   Myers   Salisbury   MD   443-735-3794   Clinical hypnosis   anxiety   pain mgmtn/smoking cessation  
Paul   Sivert   Savage   MD   301-362-2221   spiritual healing/counseling   divination   soul retrieval  
Marcia   Ewing   Seabrook   MD   301-794-6650   Life Transitions   Work Problems   Pet Loss  
Kenneth   Burlingame   Serverna Park   MD   410-991-5374   Anxiety   Cognitive Therapy   Psychological Assessment  
Barbara   Smith   Severn   MD   410-230-4553   Substance Abuse   Couples   Women's Issues  
Marjorie   Dell-Wright   Silver   Sp   301-512-6214   Addiction   Couples   Families  
Betty   Bracht   Silver Spring   MD   301-871-1699   Trauma & Anxiety   Depression   Energy Psychology  
Eugenio   Cid   Silver Spring   MD   301-565-9001   Substance Abuse   Cognitive/Behavioral Therapy   Billingual Eng/Spanish  
Fereshteh   Darya, Ph.D.   Silver Spring   MD   301-806-6948   Relationship issues   Stress Management and Coping   Rehabilitation Counseling  
Dorothy Anne   Dykers   Silver Spring   MD   301-589-0390   Body-centered psychology      
Anne   Dykers   Silver Spring   MD   301-589-0390   Body-Centered Psychotherapy   Trauma   Stress-Related Illness  
Christopher   Farley   Silver Spring   MD   301-589-2303   Rational Emotive Behavioral   Depression   Anxiety  
Elizabeth   Gomart   Silver Spring   MD   202-486-4586   Family and Child   Mind Body Psychotherapy   Certified Core Energetics  
James   Goodman   Silver Spring   MD   3031-589-603   Children/Families/Adults   Sandtray   Voice Dialogue  
Donna   Kimmel, Ph.D.   Silver Spring   MD   240-277-4427   Couples/families   PTSD   CBT  
Kathleen   Kohl   Silver Spring   MD   301-704-4547   Depression   Life Transitions   Family of origin issues  
Adela Lourdes   Leon   Silver Spring   MD   301-742-1556   Anxiety/Depression   Spanish Speaking   Couples Counseling  
Mirian   Sanchez   Silver Spring   MD   301-565-9001   Gambling   Anger Management   Spanish  
Caroline   Wroblewski, Ph.D.   Silver Spring   MD   301-422-5445        
Robyn S.   Zeiger, Ph.D.   Silver Spring   MD   301-445-7333   GLBT issues   pet loss   ACOA  
Angelene   Halper-Rinta   Sykesville   MD     methadone maintenance   addictions    
Donand   McNamee   Sykesville   MD   410-876-1670   Addictions - Adult      
Natalie   Cowley   Timonium   MD   410-245-1017   Parents of Autistic Children   Anxiety   Depression  
Diane   Bahr   Towson   MD   410-512-3374   Anger Management   Adolescent Males   Men's Issues  
Charlotte   Bailey   Towson   MD   410-938-4754   Adults   co-occurring disorders    
Sherri   Cohen   Towson   MD   410-428-0759   Women's Issues   Anxiety   Neurofeedback  
Karen   Eskow, Ph.D.   Towson   MD   410-704-2238   Adolescents   family   children with health needs  
Tracy J.   Hannah   Towson   MD   410-321-5613   EFT for couples and families   Children/adolescents   anxiety/depresson  
Linda   Huddles   Towson   MD   410-823-0090   Relationship issues   affective disorders   ACOA  
Valerie   Lankford   Towson   MD   410-771-1234   Depression/anxiety   Relationships and Couples   Group Therapy  
Valerie   Lankford   Towson   MD   410-771-1234   Depression & Anxiety   Couples Counseling   Group Therapy  
Bernadette (Betty)   Lavin   Towson   MD   410-375-8985        
Janice   Levitt, LCPC   Towson   Ma   410-321-8523   Hypnosis   Mood Disorders   Couples  
Paula   Moylan   Towson   MD   410-456-5739   Emotionally Focused Couples   Women's Issues   Depression/anxiety  
Anthony S.   Parente   Towson   MD   410-321-7753   depression/anxiety   substance abuse   couples  
Mary B.   Seidel   Towson   MD   410-254-1458   Post partum depression   PTSD   eating disorders  
Cynthia   Szebenyi   Towson   MD   410-583-7443   Domestic Violence/Anger Management   Relationship Problems   Bereavement  
Judy   Tunkle   Towson   MD   410-880-2504   Grief   depression/anxiety    
Vanessa   Hamlet   Upper Marlboro   MD   240-417-6419        
Dale R.   Williams   Upper Marlboro   MD   301-922-1334   ADHD, Children, Adolescents   Depression, Adults and Couples   Anxiety and Addictions  
Dr. Bruke   Tadesse   W. Hyattsville   MD   301-779-2461   Mental health   substance abuse   gambling  
Marie   Nazzaro   Waldorf   MD   301-705-7593   Young children   PTSD    
Mollie M.   Thorn   Waldorf   MD   301-705-7593   Family & couples   children/adolescents   play therapy  
Phillip A.   Thorn   Waldorf   MD   301-705-7593   Family/Couples   Children/Adolescents   Anger Management  
Frank S.   Abate   Washington   DC   301-642-1439   individuals   couples   forensic  
Jan   Aber   Washington   DC   301-943-6516   Adolescence   Young Adults   Family Therapy  
Carolyn E.   Gravely-Moss   Washington   DC   202-581-0778   Crisis Counseling-Family/Indiv   10Session Group Crisis Counsel   "School" Incident Intervention  
Dr. Monica   Megivern   Washington   DC   202-994-2390   Grief Counseling   Couples Counseling   Depression & Anxiety  
George L.   Wheeler, Sr.   Washington   DC   202-387-3975   substance abuse   critical incident debriefing   EAP  
Rev. Gail   Unterberger, Ph.D.   Washington, DC/Gaithersburg   MD   301-330-2611   Women's issues   Children and Adolescents/Families   Spiritual Journeys  
Joan   Hoffman, Ph.D.   Westminister   MD   410-876-1994   couples   premarital   individual  
Susan   Kachur   Westminister   MD   410-848-8061   PTSD   anxiety/depression   life transitions  
Karen   Byrd   Westminster   MD   410-8404116   Women's Issues   Depression & Anxiety   Chronic Mental Illness  
Susan   Glore   Westminster   MD   410-857-2243   Eating Disorders   Depression & Anxiety   Adjustment Disorders  
Patricia   Robinson   Westminster   MD   410-848-0613   Grief-Religious/Spiritual(all)   Depression/Anxiety    
Mercia   Cummings   White Plains   MD   301-758-5992   Play therapy   Women's issues   life change concerns